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You don’t have to be an SEO professional to hear about SEO. If you are a business owner or are planning a start-up business website, you have probably heard about this term.  SEO today has become an integral aspect of digital marketing. Almost every brand that aims to build its online awareness to witness increased brand recall will always count on the best SEO tactics. Now you may question, what is best SEO is all about? Simply put, all that can get classified as “white hat SEO” is good SEO.

To explain in simple terms, White Hat SEO comprises of strategies used to get the best search outcomes for a combination of keywords. These techniques are all safe and secure and don’t lead to any online hassles, penalties and similar. Such SEO methods are not risky, and they are designed according to Google algorithm updates that happen frequently.

The ultimate goal of most online businesses and brands is to boost online rankings! And for this, they try out various online marketing and SEO tactics. However, with constant Google updates SEO tactics should also change, and they should be synced with your new marketing objectives, company mission, and the new Google updates.

Do you have a similar objective from your start-up website or online business in 2018? If yes, you can go ahead and use the following smart and advanced White Hat SEO tactics.


Opt-in for Natural/Organic Link Building Initiatives

It’s not difficult to understand this term. Natural link building is a method where a website owner is no more required to put in the extra effort to come up with high-end backlinks for this website pages. And what exactly do we mean by this? Simply put, it indicates that the website owner can avoid the stress of coming up with extra guest posts and other social media comments, to get customers to link back the original website.

The process of natural link building happens when many other website owners automatically link back to your website, as they find it informative. So, it’s essential that people realize that your web page is link-worthy! And how do you get there is what you must be thinking? The answer is simple. By resorting to detailed and good quality web content that intends to solve customer query and give them what they want.

Your website should have good quality content, and this is not just for search engines. When a site showcases excellent content, customers are automatically drawn to it by word of mouth publicity, and this increases the organic traffic, which eventually boosts up the online ranks.

Records suggest that today many websites are getting launched and about 3 million articles are getting written daily. Hence, to gain maximum audience attention, you should be able to provide rich and original content.


Try to Obtain Essential Backlinks from Authentic Websites

Some SEO professionals use the term “link building” a lot. The reason is that the word doesn’t define the action. Instead, it’s smart to use words like “link earning” as it helps people realize that earning backlinks is imperative.

White Hat SEO looks upon this as very crucial. It’s is essential for SEO professionals and marketers to be out there, for establishing the best links. Do you want to enjoy high ranks in Google’s SERPS?  If yes, you have to work hard and smart to attain it. Others resort to using all types of tools with which you can target leading websites from your domain, and it is essential to know that the majority domain might not offer you anything. Only when they sense some great value from you in return, they won’t offer you anything.

Hence, there’s something else that you should do before targeting domains! You first need to look for links that you need urgently. You will have to plan ways to leverage the same. It could come in the form of a rich content piece, a free trial, a giveaway or even a coupon code. However, most SEO professionals prefer the first choice. As in addition to developing backlinks, guest posts enable you to present yourself as an expert to your brand-new customers.


Keep Updating Your Blog

SEO professionals and marketers have come to the conclusion that content is the you’re your content and messages should be relevant and compelling as it is the only way so that you can expand your customer base.

Good content is something that Google will treasure forever. You can expect it to stay always. And this is precisely what makes the search engines go on and on, endlessly. The blank text is jaded and dull for the new age online users. However, if you end up making all possible tools that you have and merely add in few attractive pictures, videos, and gifs, then all this will help in demonstrating something. In short, the content will expand and do well. The need for intelligent and fresh content is always there. And when you want to rank high on the SERP’s then, this is the only solution that will work wonders. It helps in making your website grow with more people clicking on to it. Additionally, you can get more leads and enjoy greater authenticity.

Also, the use of the correct keywords is adequate to address the real-time audience pain points. When you do this, gradually you’ll become the market leader in your niche. And your customers, both existing and potential will start to look upon you as a trustworthy brand.


Give Importance to Intent Other Than The Keyword

Keywords play a vital role in the success of your website, and today you don’t need to draw up a precise keyword match for Google to see and recognize the same as a potential answer to a query. It always comes down to the phrases that indicate the user intent.

Recently Google has started to take a clue on the way the people use the search engine today. The aspects Google ponders on indicate:

  • The search terms people use in Google for their queries
  • Are the users happy with the search results? Have they got what they were searching?
  • Are the online users spending adequate time online on the websites to browse and read through the site?

Hence, it is essential to note that both user experience and user intent are core factors for Google. It’s always a smart call to see of your website can cater to the requirements of the online visitors.

Today, more brands and start-up businesses are becoming aware of the way they are perceived online. Additionally, more companies and brands are foraying into the online market. Hence, the online competition is severe, and in such a situation no brand can afford to get into any hassles while planning their SEO strategies. White Hat SEO tactics is a time-tested tactic that has helped brands, both new and established to gain increased rankings and improve their brand reputation to a great extent.